EIGHT & BOB – Eau de Toilette

EIGHT & BOB  – a fragrance with a history. The story begins in the early years of the twentieth century and encompasses the south of France, the Chilean Andes and the U.S. It is the story of a French aristocrat and a young Harvard student who would later become the most powerful man of his time: John F. Kennedy. 
This fragrance has now been rescued after more than 70 years of lying forgotten. The formula created by Albert Fouquet remains intact and EIGHT & BOB have invested more than three years like a restoration project on a long-forgotten work of art. Some of the best perfumers today have worked to ensure that EIGHT & BOB remains faithful to the spirit of its creator. A fragrance chosen by the most elegant and sophisticated men.


EIGHT & BOB – exklusiv und limitiert

Eight&Bob edt 100ml+Box    

In January 1934 the parfumeur Albert Fouquet undertook a journey to Chile. On his return to Paris, Albert carried with him several sprigs of “Andrea” a wild plant from the Andes whose extracts are the center of his cologne “EIGHT & BOB”. Due to the altitude and limited area in which it grows it can only be picked during the months of December and January. Only seven percent are chosen. This process ends between March and April and only then is it known how many units of “EIGHT & BOB” can be bottled. The warm and elegant scent is one of the most exclusive Eau de Toilettes coming in a unique historical package.

Topnote: Ginger, Cardamom, Lemon, Bergamot

Heartnote: Cedarwood, Hazelnut, Labdanum (Rockrose), Lignum Vitae

Basenote: Patchouly, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Vanilla



Eight&Bob edt 100ml+Box (1)

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Eight&Bob edt 100ml